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x section arrows in WF2


New member
How do you get the x section arrows to show up in drawing mode with WF2.

I have searched the archives the menu mapper as well as help without any luck.

I havent made a drawing since 2001 so my recollection may not be too
accurate, but I thought thay showed up by default when you created a
section view.

There doesnt seem to be any option under the view properties in either model or drawings for it.

Am I missing something simple?



New member
Hi miked

Highlited and selectthe section view (what you called x sextion) RMB and select "add arrow" select the view where the section is issued. The section arrows wil show up.


New member
In the Properties window of the view, select on section, select your view. If you move the slyder bar to the right, you will see the ARROW DISPLAY box. pick inside the box, the pick the view where you want the arrows to show, and apply


New member
Thanks for the help, I looked everywhere but RMB. Its a bit of a pain when the sections are on a different page than the view though.

In the help file it said to select from the arrow collector in the table. I have no idea what that has to do with the RMB but at least I have it worked out now.