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x-sec lines on different models


New member
You create this in the following way....

Create Views <General> <full view> <section> <scale/no scale> <done> select the center point of the view in the drawing; then it will open the view dialog box, select the orientation which you want; select the x-section which you want; then select the view (top/bottom) on which u want to show the cross section arrows..... then you are set.... you can flip the arrows to set it right...



New member
is it for wildfire 2.0???

it works when i have same model... what i need is to display the line
on different model in this case sub-assembly, but show the cut the on
whole assembly - side view

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New member
Use layers to turn off components in views or use "Views > Display Mode > Member Display". I would think either of these options would do what you want.

I forgot that simplified reps would work also.
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Another thing you can try is add a xsec view of the sub-assembly with arrows and then blank the xsec view. I think the arrows will remain.