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X-Keys Auxillary Keyboard


New member
I want to make a shamless plug for the X-keys kybd. It ads 58 keys (twice that if you use two toggled key functions. Basicially you record a text string to each key skt-rectangle and then record a mapkey with the same name an d pesto, one button push and you can start drwaing. The joy I've found is no matter WHAT or where PTC moves my fuctions or changes their names I just re-record the mapkey and I'm back up to speed.

The device has snap caps on the keys to make cool icons or labels. its grouped into four zons that I use for SKETCHER-(10 keys)

DRAWING-(20 keys)

MODIFY-(10 keys)

TABLES /VIEWS-(18 keys)

As an Example because Modify Attach is ALWAYS in the same place on the device I dont have to scan for first the rigth icon bar then the right icon.

For production work its a great tool.

They also have a foot switch with three pedals I'm considering to for SHIFT CTRL and ENTER to max out Wildfires new use of those tools.

hers a link to the site

If anyone is using it let me know and if someone wants I be glad to email my word file of keycaps