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New member
hi people,

I{ve an urgent problem.

does anyone knows how to WRAP on a sferical shape.



are u trying to create geometry to make the logo?

or are you trying to move a picture of the logo into position?


New member
Not sure if this is much help but,


A3.1- Vol. II, Issue 50
In 2001, you can choose Insert > Cosmetic > Groove and follow the prompts. It will allow you to place cosmetic text on or below a surface-curved or flat-from a sketching plane. (See Figure 1.) The nice part about using a groove feature is that Pro/NC can machine the groove even though it is not a real feature. (See Figure 2.) There are other ways to do this by using surfaces. (See Figure 3.)
--Thomas G. S. Peterek, senior Pro/ENGINEER consultant/instructor, NC specialist, Advanced Design Inc., Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

or take a look at this

http://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=98945&page=2near the end..



New member
Thanks for the tip. But GROOVEing is still a projection not a WRAP.

Thanks anyway



New member
hmmm.. have you got access to ISDX? there is probably an easier way but this will work..

save your logo as a jpeg and then apply it as a texture to the surface. then create a series of "Curve on surface" isdx style curves tracing over the applied image...

should work but a it'll take a bit of time!

there must be an easier way..


New member
also does it need to go around the full sphere?, as in if it only need a portionof the sphere, say a band round the circumference, revolved 99% of the way, try modeling this (simply cut the sphere or revolve an arc or whatever......) and maybe this would be a develop-able surface?

just thinkging out loud really.. but it's wrth a try.

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New member

I know this is an old, confusingfeature, but try a toroidal bend. It can "wrap" the curve around a sphere. Essentially it bends the existing curve in a circular path. You define the second direction of curvature with a sketched arc.

It takes some practice to figure out the feature, but it works.



New member
thank you guys,

I've solved my problem. at least I've found an almost perfect solution.

I've build a conic surfacewithin the area I need for the COKE logo, I've WRAPed the logo on that surface, and because the surface was near the sphere, I'vePROJECTed the WRAPed curve on the sphere. It works almost perfect.

Thanks for your TIPs & TIME