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Worm Gear


New member
I'm new to Mechanism. I have a model of a telescope mount. I have a adjustment screw that I want to control the rotation of one of the parts. It's a Worm Gear, I don't know or can find the right joint or setup to make this happen. Thanks for any help with this.


New member
You might want to try using a slot-follower connection.

If youcreate a datum curve in the "valley" of your worm gear and thencreate a point on the mating part to follow it you might get the motion you're looking for.Assemble the two components using a cylinder connection. Then create the slot-follower connection while in Mechanism using the datum curve and the datum point.

See if that works for you.



New member
I'm not explaining it very well. What I'm looking for is the method of creating a way; if you rotate one object abouttheZaxis,it will rotate another object about the Y axis. The two object are in contact with each other.


New member
I have a worm in one of my mechanisms and what you want is easy if you have Wildfire.

Define a gear connection. You select the axis of the worm and the axis of the worm gear. On the properties tab of the gear definition you can enter the ratio.



New member

Gear connections were new with Wildfire. If you have 2001, you will probably not be able to drag them. When I used 2001, I would define each gear as a pin joint and then assign a driver to each of them. You figure the ratio into the two different velocity entries. Finally, run the motion analysis. It will look correct when you playback the results.