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Worm Gear Designs


New member
I'm looking for files on gears. The library on mcadcentral is a little limited as to what I'm looking for. I'm working with a group designing a Limited Slip Differential for a design project for my MecE 360 Design Project. We have to have solid modeling, however given the amount of work required for the project, we don't have the time to create the models ourselves, especially considering we're not all that great at Pro/E.We're looking for worm gears, spur gears, and any type of gear associated with LSD's. Any help would be appreciated.


New member
can you give potential size foryour spur gear? I have a pro-program for a spur gear v2001 and a helical gear v2000i2SE; I dont know the whereabouts of a worm /wormwheel program.

Which version of ProE are you on?