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Working with parameters and display in ILINK


New member
I am not sure how to ask this...

My models drive parameters for the format in drawings, for example: title in model fills in title in format. In ILINK the title for the model is the only one that shows since it is the only parameter existing. I know that I can add a title parameter in the drawing, and tie drw and model parameter together with a drw program (title:d=title:0). But, if the first prt in the drawing is replaced with another part or asm, the session id is no longer valid, and I can find no way to automate getting the new session id into the program.

So, how are you handling having one parameter drive the display for both the model and drawing display in ILINK? This is also my case for revisions (not using PROI_Rev) driven with a model parameter....


New member
I'm not sure I understand your question. But in Intralink, there is a parameter called '&part_number'. I have this parameter in the format and when I start a new drawing it askes me for the part number, even if I have described a model that the drawing is based on.

I know that when I have a family table of parts and create the first one and get all the fields filled out in Intralink and then duplicate that drawing and then replace the model with another instance, the &part_number does not change automatically. I usually change the part number during the updating of the new drawing and maybe I need to wait until I updated my workspace to see if the part number changed.

Way too many words,

Steve C