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WorkGroup Manager vs Intralink Gateway for PDMLink


New member
Does anyone here have any experience regarding the perfomance of Workgroup Manager for PDMLink or the Intralink Gateway.

The PDMLink system is a global system



New member
I've seen negative postings about Gateway on other message boards. We actually wrote TOOLKIT applications and PDMLink Batchloader to avoid the headaches.

Some people have mentioned that recent Gateway releases are better, but I do not have experieince with these.


New member
I use Windchill Foundation 6.2.6 with Intralink Gateway e Ilink 3.2. Direct publication of parts and EPM documents from Intralink to Windchill works fine and you can set all publication parameters by mean of an html form, but my company had to pay a Toolkit customizitation to update back some IBA information from Windchill to Intralink.


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