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wish list .... I have over 100 items in my wish list ... here are a few


New member
I wish there was a decent camera management interface, that would make the whole "import CREO camera in Keyshot" really useful ;D


New member
it seems Bart you were a bad boy last year `cause Santa Clause did not come and give higher then 3 deg order curves(I know you`ve missed them for a long time).

However, as long as Creo 3.0 is going to be introduced in this year, isn`t your post a litlte bit of "prelude/opening" of what we can expect within newest release?

I am curious, if they(PTC) will finally bring G3 funcionality into ISDX module, how would it fit to the rest of Creo environement?

From my side, I would push them(PTC) hard to bring something like "Part Manager interface", where one can simply, without relations, graphs and so forth control/manage wall thickness among indicated features: extrudes, ribs, thicken, shell... instead of writing "tons lines of code" in Relations window.

Where you can simply indicate features related to particular area of interest, like inside/outside geometry, cores, and so forth, and system would automaticaly make an order in model tree, no matter when or where the features were created(mainting the minimum of references automaticaly)

just a little dream of someone involved in plastic part design...