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Wiring inside a channel


New member
Hello All,
I am fairly new to Solidworks. I need to draw a series of
wires or a harness inside a tube. It can be a round tube
or a square channel. Either way I have not been able to
figure this one out. I need the wires to follow the
contour of the channel without the use of clamps or any
fastening hardware.
I am using Solidworks 2010 on a Intel Dual-Core Pentium
system with 4mb ram.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards


New member
Hope you can design the tube.
Can you upload a pic ? Better will be to explain how to obtain the tube: is the tube a linear one ?


New member
The tube file is attached. It is just a basic tube made
of PVC. Nothing fancy. I just want to pass 3 conductors
through the tube, but the wires must hug the inner wall
of the tube. I can draw 3D wires in free space, but have
not been able to route the wires through the tube in a
way that makes sense.
I am sure the solution is bound to be very simple and I
will be deservedly humbled but I just haven't found any
tutorials that address much wire routing for Solidworks.
Thank you
<a target="_blank" href="uploads/majcram/2011-12-
<br / target="_blank">23_111551_pvc_conduit_-_Copy.rar">2011-12-