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Windchill issue


New member
hello folks........there is a problem in checking in the assembly from hard disc to windchill workspace...i am using windchill 9.0. first i checkout the assembly from windchill to my local drive.then i worked in local drive were all my work stored in local drive after completing the work i tried to checkin to windchill...but only error msg coming...showing unable to checkin...friends can you people help me to solve this issue


New member
details, details, details - copy the message of check in error

If I were You I would use upload first, the difference is alomst none(among of You do not have iteration in data base), but upload is a test of the possible check in.

I do not know how well You feel comfortable with PDMLINK but some of your models can exist in data base and trying to push assembly with all components from hard disk to workspace next then to data base can failed causing error messages because You`re tring to upload files that were not checked in, and are modified..

any way, send an error message text

Gagan Doreswamy

New member
Can you please send post the screenshot of the error message .?
checkin issue because of many reasons.if i see the error message it will be easy for me to analyse


New member
See the Event Manager to know the Reason you are not able to Check In. Or Copy Paste the Error So that we Can Help with the Issue.:)