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Wind Turbind Blade model


New member
Hi everybody.

I'm doing a project for college at the moment ( some fea work on a wind turbine blade) and unfortunately I'm lacking a model! Lecturers never think of these things when they ask you to do them!

I've no problem drawing the model, but the problem is I have no dimensions/profiles etc..

so I was wondering if anybody here happened to have a model or even a 2d drawing would be highly benificial.

Thanks in advance for the help,



New member
Hi, James.

You might search the web for some info. I've never stumbled across any models but have seen documents that might help you out.

I do have a pdf that I ran across and kept because it looked interesting, looked like a good overview, possibly enough dimensional info to model. It's for an NREL S809 profile (this stuff means nothing to me) approx. 10.5 meter rotor with some analytical data. I can email if you want. Approx 700 KB.


It's quite possible that if you did a little looking around you could find a manufacturer that would be happy to give you a model. (???)

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