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New member
Is there anyone using proe-2001 professional version on Window XP? We are presently working on window NT 4.0. We are planning to switch over to window XP. Is it write step? We do not use intralink or PDM

Do we require any separate CD for Win-XP?



XP is slower than win2000. Look at all the SPEC benchmarks, they are all run with Win2000. I think the difference in performance is on the order of 20%. I'm just going off memory from the magazine articles when XP was first released.


New member
I have only run 2001 on XP Pro. I'm sure that XP Home will run it OK, but I would only recommend XP Pro. XP Pro has better security features and networking capabilities.


New member
I changed from NT to XP a few months ago with no problems, except retrieving drawings / models / symbols were slow loading from the server - sorted now, though (see separate thread).

Hope all goes well!