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Wildfire student edition: Will it be available at a discount


New member
Curious if anyone knows if Wildfire student edition will be available for a discounted price. I know that for a while the 2001 version was available for current PTC product users for around $15. I got a free version by attending a PTC conference. I think it would be a great idea to do this sort of thing with Wildfire. Any comments???
The SE is available through Journey Education Systems for about $200. You can get a free copy by attending a PTC Wildfire training class like Fast Track (5 days, replaces Intro to Pro) or Wildfire Update (2 days). Free copies are also available at Innovation Days events that PTC sponsors from time to time.

BTW, I've always thought PTC should give tons of free copies to college students...
HERE HERE!!! i wish they would give free copies to us struggling college students. it's a benefit for them that college students learn this too... so they are more likely to keep the Pro E market up when they come out. Colleges are using SW and UG mostly as far as I know. If we don't learn it in school, it is unlikely we will learn it later in life. Much easier for us to find a job using what we know.
I think so too, it's an incredible way to seed their market. Giving away to unemployed people too is another one.

They should also develop a version for high school kids, maybe include some fun models to peak their interest. Maybe if they targeted teenage kids a lot of their user issues would go away too.

SolidWorks already appreciates this, another reason they're eating PTC's lunch..
PTC have given away a lot of free software for school use here in the UK... Go on the PTC website & search for schools uk - it'll turn up a load of results.

Pro/Desktop is used & training is given to teachers & pupils.

Plus - I know a number of colleges & universities here promote Pro/E & Pro/Mech to students.

PTC seem to be quite active amongst education, etc...
The education partnership requires a sponsor/3rd party investment of around $1500.

If the software was given free I think the attention it might recieve could be too low / not so serious!

I think PTC has rolled this partnership out in the uk with huge 'lunches' to be eaten at a later date.

There was even UK governmental approval for the partnership

PS where can we get wildfire SE in the UK?


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