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Wildfire Student Ed. 2003100


New member
Did anyone install the Widlfire Student ed. ?

I need to get the licence and the instructions give me a run around?

Where at PTC site can one get a licence for it?

I got a copy from a PTC certified instructor at one of the PTC approved courses.

Was only a two day course and when I asked the instructor he told me the licence is not necessary.

When I tried to install it, the SETUP program was prompting for a license.




New member
Is it an AE version?

If so you have to install it in dos mode to bypass the setup and have a password.

I didnt think they had an AE student version though.



New member
When I installed the student version on my home PC I had to be on-line - connected to the internet. It then prompts you for your PTC account information (it's free to register), then takes you to the license site. After a while they'll send you a number which you have to paste into a document that the student version reads every time you start it. Make sure the document is stored where they tell you to store it. Good luck, and get some more RAM.

Gary B