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Wildfire SE


New member
Hi all,

I have purchased a copy of proe wildfire SE for my home pc. Problem im having is that my pc is telling me that it dosnt have a cpu id ! It uses P4 processor. Do i need to install somthing for the pc to have this id ?
How you have purchased that, without sending them your network card number?

ProE have licence manager which work by reading your unique network card number
I was never asked for the cpu id when purchasing the SE version of wildfire. When you install the disk you have to register online. When registering is when you recieve the license. I am thinking that the network card is possibly faulty so i need to get into touch with Advent.

Thanx for your replies.
When I upgraded all our computers to new ones I just went to the support page at and upgraded all the licenses.

I had all the new licenses within an hour emailed to me, totally painless.

Never had to send any network cards or motherboards, just an electronic certification saying you will disable the license file from the old network card, which naturally I did.
When you put in the Wildfire SE cd do you get a number called the PTC Host ID in the lower left corner of the startup screen.

If it does have a PTC Host ID: xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx copy the number down and call 1-877-275-4782 and see if they could help you. I don't remember if you have to through Jouney Education.

Once the host id goes through they email you a license.

It is the ptc host id which i cannot find. It shows an error message instead!

I will speak to Journey Ed.
several things:

You need a network card and it needs to be working properly.

turn off the power management options that shutdown the network card.

Make sure that this card is listed first in the registry under

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkCards

there may be several folders. The card you want to use needs to be listed as the lowest number.

open a dos window. start>run cmd

enter ipconfig /all

look for physical addresss of the appropriate network card. This should be your cpuid


If your card is up and running. ie. you can durf the net and it's listed first in the registry, then ptcsetup will see it as the correct cpuid.