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Wildfire SE


New member
I hear the Wildfire SE is only good for 1 year after installation. Does anyone know if you can you fix this by forward dating your computer before installing the software, and then changing it to the correct date afterwards?


New member
The versions of SE that come with books, given away at training classes, seminars, by sales reps, etc... have expiration dates. Some are 30 days, some 90, some 1 year, just depends on the particular offer.

The actual SE version that we sell for $150 (or $300 for non academic customers) do not expire and will continue to run permanently.

No disrespect intendeted but...

I will not answer your question about changing your system date. I do not condone this type of


New member
PTC does not sell it directly. You can get it from us at (or are parent site ). We also distribute it to bookstores all over the place. You know it is a non-expirering ligitamte copy if it comes in a black DVD case with red flames and both PTC's and Journey Publishing's logos at the bottom.

Let me know if you have any more questions about the SE.


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