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Wildfire Pro-E vs. old Pro-E features


New member
I'm new to Pro-E...

Is it my imagination, or does revolve feature (the icon based interface) replace a lot of the menu based "advanced" features, i.e. flange, shaft, neck?.. I spent 15 minutes learning how to use them and couldn't figure out why you would.

Except that there are people who have been using them for a long time... But I'm thinking they serve me no purpose...


New member
you can use the advanced commands to create features that can be made into udf's. They have less references for placement than revolves.


I always found the specilized features (shaft, flange, neck & slot) too limiting and they save little if any time or memory. Our SOP specifies to always use the most generic features, it saves a lot of time when you change your mind.