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wildfire - placing items on layers


New member
How do you place an item on a layer in assembly mode? In part mode I can goto the layer tree, right click on a layer, then goto properties....but in assembly mode, when I right click on a layer, the properties is unpickable?


New member
The best thing to do here is the following:

go to windows START > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs

Once you are here select ProEngineer and uninstall everything associated with it. You are obviously unworthy of running ProEngineer.

You better stick with AutoCAD Lite or a thick blue crayon


New member

when someone ask a question, a thoughtful answer it usually expected. But for some people it is there mission to belittle others to make themselves feel more superior. If the question I asked was too basic of a question, maybe assisting in an answer would have been helpful.

To end this thread, I did find the error that I was making in the layer tree....in assemblies the layers are grouped together, whereas in a part model they are single items on the tree...

Thank you for all your help, this is a forum for help right ?


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