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Wildfire Crash


New member
We have 2 computers running Wildfire. Both local licenses. The first release had a habit of just disappearing. The program would literally just end, no warning, not locking up, just end. We were sent a newer release (now up to 2003170), it no longer does that. What the new release does is hang. A lot! sometimes 4 or 5 times in a row.

We are running computers supplied by a PTC rep. So hardware configuration shouldn't be a problem. Any ideas how to become productive?

Right now, the only thing that sounds like a good idea is going back to Solidworks.


New member
Well, if you want to sacrifice alot of functionality, by all means go back to SW.

But, as far as assuming the hardware configuration supplied by PTC rep is OK; you're making a big assumption. Hardware config as well as operating system can make a big difference


New member
It does sound like hardware, I have installed it on a few machines without issue.

What are you doing when it hangs?



New member
Well, I think the problem might be your hardware and to a lesser extent the operating system. I had the same problem with my Proe2001, but after changing the OS, the number of times it used to hang, reduced! Then on upgrading the display card and a little bit of RAM, it was smooth sailing...