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Wildfire Backwards Compatible to 2001?


New member
I thought I read sometime back that wildfire was backwards compatible to 2001? I just installed wf today and a few things that I see allready is that I can not open a wf file in 2001 and the make datum thing. Does anyone know how to make wf files open in 2001? I would like to change over to wf across the board for intralink as well as pro manufacturing but the backwards compatible issue is a problem.


Active member
Wildfire 2.0 will have the interoperability with Wildfire but not with 2001. And Wildfire 2.0 beta 1 is available for download and beta 2 will be available by Jan. 20, 2004. Its full version will be released at the end of March this year.

So don't believe on rumours buddy.



New member
The word directly from the developers at PTC is that NO version of ProE will ever be backward compatible with an earlier release. What they are talking about is backward compatibility with earlier DATECODES of the same release. Apparently this has been an issue, though I've never seen it in practice since I've never rolled a datecode back.

The problem with backward compatibility is that PTC keeps adding feature types. 2001 introduced Inheritance, Wildfire 2 has Sketch features and annotation features. 2000i2 would not know how to handle an inheritance, nor will Wildfire1 know what to do with an Annotation.


Peter Brown


New member
There was talk that files could be semi-backwards compatible between Wildfire and 2001 using the Associative Topology Bus (ATB). It is turned off by default and you need to enable it by the config option

topobus_enable yes

However, the way I understand it is you could create a part in WF, save it using the ATB, then open the part in 2001. It would be a dumb version of the part (geometry appears but no ability to change existing geometry) but you could add features to it. Then if you made a change to the geometry in WF, the 2001 version would update. I have not tried the process yet, but that is how I understand it is supposed to work. Anybody try it yet?


>>topobus_enable yes

Yeah, that's basically how it works... You save the file as a neutral in WF and then open it in 2001 with the topobus option and future changes from WF will cascade into 2001 (as long as they are saved as WF neutral).



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