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WildFire: Add multiple items to layer


New member

I have an assembly with multiple parts in it.

I want to put all datumplanes of all parts on the same layer.

The only way I know is to manually select all datumplanes to put them on the layer 'DATUMPLANES'.

Is there a way to select all datumplanes together and put them on the
layer in one operation, without having to select all of them

I have set up WildFire so that all the newly created datumplanes are
automatically added to layer DATUMPLANES, but the 3 basic datumplanes
(RIGHT, FRONT and TOP) are not added to that special layer. I have to
add these manually. When you have an assembly with lots of parts, this
can be a time consuming task..

Any advice?

Kind regards


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New member

take one step back from the problem. first off ask yourself,

Do all your models need to start with three datum planes that only need to be layered out to eliminate the visual clutter?

If you don't specifically need the datum planes you CAN have a
protrusion as a first feature. Virtually none of my models start with
datum planes but ALL of my ECAD parts start with a coordinate system
with maybe one datum planes then the first protrusion. Subsequent datum
planes are only added if they will be re-used otherwise I use a
datum-on-the-fly. I have been
working this way for over 10 years without any problems.

However if you find you can't live without these datums planes edit
your start part so the datum planes are already in the appropriate

For editing existing parts I suggest creating a mapkey that does all
the work for you then you can just open one part at a time, run the
mapkey, then save the part.

BTW don't use PTC's start parts; make your own so they contain the information customised to your own requirements.


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New member
Hi DB,

Sounds like good advice.

I have modified my default templates so that the 3 initial datumplanes already are on the correct layer.

It just hadn't occurred to me to modify the template..

I'll certainly consider to leave those datumplanes out alltogether.

This will make it easier for the new parts. The old existing parts, I will modify by hand.


Kind regards