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Wildfire 2 & Intralnk


New member
Anybody know if PTC are pulling the same joke all the intralink users as last time:)

Meaning will it run on Ilink 3.3?? or do we have to wait

until v3.4??

Just found out that FX500 in NOT certified for WF2:-(



New member
I have successfully run WF2 with 3.3 (2003290 and M021).

No exhaustive test yet but basic functionality, checkout, modify in WF2 and checkin.

The M021 function of allowing checkin of non verified instances also seems to work as advertised.


New member
Ok that helps a bit - still on 2003290 but

with a replicated installation in another

country also i do not upgrade Intralink

eache time a new update arrives.

Thanks for the info.