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Wildfire 2.0 Very Disapointing


New member
I just tried out wildfire 2.0 i cant believe we paid maintenance money for this. all we got was copy and paste and undo which dosent always work.

Most of the modules still have the old interface


New member
and why did they change the dash board WTF make up you mind PTC do you want to be better then solidworks or just like them.

the resons this is so important to me.

I use a lot of the highend modules every day. FIX THE CNC INTERFACE ALREADY. I love wildfire it is alot faster but when i get to the CNC end of my project i have to start thinking 2001(which is not so bad for me i have been using pro for years) but i have new guys I am training and they get confused with the 2 interfaces. So what dose PTC do about this. They change the interface agian. NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD AT ALL.


New member

I initially had the same thought. Why didn't PTC finish converting the solid and surface features!?!? Then I realized most of what they did for Wildfire 2.0 was behind the scenes.

You can't tell me Undo-Redo isn't worth it. Everyone has been asking for it since Windows NT was released in '94.

Copy and Paste is cool, but have you tried creating a local group yet? Just pick the features in the model tree, right click and Group!

How about directional patterns? What about bolt hole circles with an Axial pattern? It is just like a dimensional pattern except you don't have to worry about how you created the first instance.

Features are now associative with external sketches. So features I create from existing sketches will update when I change the sketches.

The first sheetmetal feature has to be created using the old way, but additional wall features use the dashboard; quick preview and everything!

Drawing annotations are being hyped and they are nice, but placing views and setting view properties in a single dialog is useful for everyone.

Speaking of behind the scenes, supposedly regeneration has gotten smarter and only regenerates the features that change or are directly affected by a change. I think the regen status dialog is annoying though.

Don't forget PTC is allowing us to check out a license from the server with the Production release of Wildfire 2.0.

There is more, but these are the items that caught my attention. I'd say we got our money's worth. But I still want the remaining solid features converted to the dashboard sometime soon.


New member
Did you notice how they reserved space for the dashboard? Now when it opens the whole screen doesn't jump and re-size. They need to focus on these little things if they want to make the UI fluid....


New member
Just a note on the ability to check out a license, this is a FlexLM feature. PTC had nothing to do with this. We have about 5 software packages that use FlexLM and some of these packages already do this.



New member
designworld, just curious here, but do you use WF 1.0 now?

mgallman, I think what mmead0ws was saying about checking out a license from the PTC web site was the ability to see a pre-production version of WF 2.0 prior to its release by downloading it from PTC.

Steve C


New member

Yes, it is a FlexLM feature. But PTC will support that version of FlexLM with Wildfire 2.0.

The Pre-production software runs off Wildfire 1.0 licensing. Thus the license check-out capabilities aren't available yet.

Sorry for the confusion.


Active member

Sorry to say but you always seem to be criticizing WF. And always trying to persuade people online proecentral to go for SolidWorks.

This is a proe related site and you should be fair about what you post and what you comment.



New member
i have only posted 2 times, and i never suggested get rid of proe.

My company uses 3 different applications. Proe, Sw, and now Catia V5. Our customers tells us what to use.

i have 20 years experience in CAD, i used systems like applicon, CV, Autotrol. I remember when proe came out all the same people like yourselves said it was horible, it could barely put fillets on a box. Now the PTC kernal is over 15 years old. Wildfire is a new interface on top of a 15 year old kernal. Parasolids is 15 years old. Sw put a new interface on top of it. Catias V5 Kernal is brand new they invested 1 billion to rewrite it, and it shows.

I use all applications based on customer needs. I can create any models from those customers in any application that we have.

Of all the Cad applications that i have had to learn, Catia V5 was the easiest, and it can create any model that i have done in Proe.

When we looked at Catia, i recreated some of my toughest proe models just to see what it is capable of.

So when someone asks what system is easy, best, etc, i think i am more than qualified to make those considerations.


New member
AutoTrol, I can't believe some else used AutoTrol, 6 years on it and loved it.

Trolin, Trolin, Trolin ... brings back memories.


Active member

PTC is investing a lot on WF 2.0 and reportedly they are changing thr kernel as well.

Anyhow the subject of this posting is WF 2.0 very disappointing. You know you are talking of Preproduction WF 2.0 since the final release is yet to come and ofcourse they will fix all the bugs. The same is the problem with Catia v5. In each new release they fix some bug. I use release 10 and there are bugs in it.

So you again tried to give weightage to Catia. Anyhow sorry if you have felt something wrong.