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Wildfire 2.0 sluggish with XP SP2


New member
Our company just updated our computers to XP service pack 2. Since the update, wildfire seems to be running extremely slow. Rotating parts lags considerably, and its nearly impossible to rotate an assembly. It seems to be some type of graphics issue. Has anyone else had any issues with XP service pack 2?


New member
I've been on XP2 & WF 2.0 for the last 6 months doing Mold Designs with no slowdowns.

Try to upgrade the Video Card driver to the latest and see if it helps.


New member
The graphic card drivers that Windows XP loads by default are very generic and normally give you poor performance with 3D applications. I'd reccomend to download the latest drivers from the graphic card manufacturer's site and, while you are at it, download DirectX 9.0c. That should take care of it on most cases.


using a nvidia gamers card. with latest drivers and no problems. just
run "windows update" untill u can no longer update :) its a little
overkill but it generally works.


New member
Just updated the video card driver, and everything works fine. For whatever reason, installing SP2 put a very old driver on the computer. Thanks for all the replys.