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Wildfire 2.0 REF_DES note (HARNESS)


New member
For Large Harness Assemblies

Does anyone (among experienced Pro/Cabling users) know what is to be
done to have the notes containing the reference_designator (REF_DES)
placed just near the component, just like in Pro/E 2001.

This problem is very very annoying when working with large harness
assemblies because it's imposible to find a certain component having
those notes with very long leaders (arrows). I'm still wondering what
was wrong with the display of those notes in Pro/E 2001, it was just
fine like they were placed on the connector without any leader.

I've been working in Pro/E 2001 for 2 years and in WF 2.0 for a couple of months.

Best regards

Thank you


New member
>Tools>Environment>Reference Designators

Model Tree>Settings>Tree Colums>Type ECAD params>ECAD_REF_DES> >> >OK


New member
Thanks for the input Huug but I don't think you've answered aditz007's question.

>Tools>Environment>Reference Designators simply turns on the display of the reference designators. What Aditz (& myself) wanted to know is how to changethese displayed references to be like 2001, i.e. without leaders. Any ideas?




New member
In WF2 (which I'm using) you can just move each reference to where you like it to be:

from the upper menu-->Edit-->Setup-->Notes-->Move-->click and drag the Reference Designator