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Wildfire 2.0 / Intralink 3.3 Link Issue


New member
When I open a linked session of Wildfire from Intralink, and select"Launch ProEngineer\Workspace", I have noticed that once Wildfire is running and I choose "File Open" that the dialog window displays my .proi folder instead of the files in the working directory (that should have been set by Intralink).

This makes me question what controls the working directory, and if the link is really being established. The default display button on the dialog box always shows "default", and if I change the "look in default" button to "ActiveWorkspace" it is set for the current Wildfire session, but if I jump out and get back in it is reset to "Default" (and the problem persists!).

Is this an Intralink problem, or a Wildfire problem? Is there a default that needs to bet set somewhere that will fix this? Any help that anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. We have re-installed the programs on this workstation.

Wildfire/Intrallink only acts this way on this workstation. All other workstations were loaded off of the network with the same settings, and do not exhibit this behavior.


New member
Hey bharter -

We ran into the very same problem -

What we found was the user had modified his config.pro file with the option -
file_open_default_folder set to working_directory

Change this value back to default
or just delete this option in your config.pro (this uses the "default" setting)