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Wildfire 2.0 help


New member
I recently upgraded to Wildfire 2.0 from Wildfire 1.0. In doing so it appears that the animation functionality is not working properly. I assembled a model in 1.0 that I had set up bodies in that I moved into various positions and created snapshots for. If I open that same model within 2.0 and try to move those same bodies around they don't move. I can still assign any of the snapshots that I created and the part move into those positions, but I can not adjust or move them any way I try within animation. Any help would be appretiated as this functionality is critical to my job and such a disruption is unfortunate. I put in a call to PTC about 2 1/2 hours ago but still no responce.

Its a late reply but do you still need help? If no, you should have closed the thread.