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Why SolidWorks users need data validation

Evan Yares

New member
Over at 3DCADTips.com, I just wrote about why SolidWorks users need validation for imported CAD data.

The big reason, of course, to make sure that the model geometry you're working on is the same as the authority model you started with. But that's true for all CAD users -- not just SolidWorks users.

For SolidWorks users, model reuse in downstream processes is becoming more common over time. Either people send you models ("Here, use this"), or you send them models. If they don't have the exact same version of software that you have, you can get in trouble all too easily.

Over the long term, you're probably going to start getting models from, or sending models to, people using the new SolidWorks V6 products. If the programmers at SolidWorks get everything right, the transfer of data between these systems will be flawless. But history says... you're asking for trouble if you can't verify this.

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