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Why Intralink?


New member
I have been asked to put together a list of PROS and CONS for going to INTRALINK. I can come up with the obvious such as Common Storage area, Reuse of files, Release Procedure and Schemes.

I'd appreciate it if some of you can share more to add, Good or Bad, I am looking for any kind of input.


New member
Because you have to...

PTC forces you to have some kind of PDM because there are no internal methods in Pro/E to keep track of revisions in assemblies. So my number one thing would be revision/version control.

Steve C
Just to be able to rename a part without having to open ALL assemblies and drawings in ProE should be another good reason.



New member
DesignDataManager will allow you to control Pro/E versions, control new revisions, set authorisations, seamless Document Management tool and share you data throughout the organisation and over the web via a Web Client interface.


New member
You can even set up a graphical web server and share 3D data from intralink with people in your company or over the internet, so that they have a direct access to your database.

This is a good reason.

Or you may want to have your CAD CAM data organized. Try it. It is really nice.


New member
To add to what Charles wrote:

I use Intralink when creating a new product based on an old

design so that I can presrve all the relationships between an

master model, assembly, part and drawings renaming files

where appropriate.


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