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which side/angular datum


New member
Hello all,

This will probably be an easy one for someone. I've created lots of UDF's but never had it come back and ask me this when using them. This is a typical UDF that we auto place using a custom app we had written. It is basically a revolved cut with some open ended revolved surfaces to mark area's that we call port area's. The revolved cut was an existing UDF that we have been using for quite a while. I recently added the surfaces when this problem started happening. The three revolved surfaces have been placed using constraints that are intentionally not tied with the original cut. In other words I dimensioned a diameter rather than aligning it with existing same diameter in the existing cut. All surface features have been placed so that they can exist without geometry from the original revolved cut. We do this because sometimes other features in our product sometimes intersect with thee references and wipe them out. The revolved surfaces were sketched using the existing sketching plane of the existing revolved cut. This sketching plane is constructed through an axis normal to the placement plane of the UDF, and rotated at an angle to adjacent faces that the UDF is described on. The UDF is designed so that it can placed at an incline to the placement plane and at a rotation. What we call a compound angle placement. All of our UDF's are described this way.

To make a short story long ;o)....When we place this feature it asks us to select on which side to place angular datum. It asks this for each of the three surfaces we have added to the part. If you would like to see the UDF please respond off the exploder and I will send it to you.

Any help on this would be very much appreciated!

We are using 2001240

All the Best,

Bob Bailey

Sun Hydraulics, Manifold Division

701 Tallevast Road. Sarasota, FL 34243

Phone 941-362-1324 Fax 941-362-1290

[email protected]


Pro/E breaks up circles & cylinders into two halves. Also, datum planes have a red and yellow side. Pro/E may be prompting you which half you want to use. I've created UDF's that involve placing a hole, and Pro/E asks me which side I want the hole on. It also does it when copying features sometimes. It's no big deal, I just pick a general spot on the screen where I want it and it pops into place.