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Which Model File Name Shows on a Format?


New member

Our formats call out the following system parameter to automatically capture the model file name on the drawing:

&model name


1. What does &model name:335 mean?

2. If I have a drawing that requires multiple models to be shown on it, does setting one of them as current make it the one whose file name will be pulled to fill this system parameter on the drawing format? If not, what's the significance of setting a different model as current in a drawing?

3. In a multi-model drawing, what determines which model file name gets shown with the &model name parameter?


Brad Hacker

ME CAD Admin

Zebra Technologies Corp.
1. :335 is Session ID.

2. When you insert the format or create new sheet. Current mode at that time is what ProE uses to fill the format.

3. I think #2 answers this.

Good luck.



New member

Watch out for the &scale parameter too. Each model added to a drawing gets it's own drawing scale. If two models are shown on the same drawing sheet, one may have a scale of 1.0 and the other a scale of .75. You would never know the difference looking at the printed drawing.

The scale reported on the format should behave like the model name. I. E. It is based on the active model when the format is applied.

You may try reporting scales for each model using the session IDs. I've never tried it.

Hope this helps.



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