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What's the new equivalent of Ctl+left button zoom to area?


New member
I've got nothing against changing the pan and rotate to the middle button or adding zoom in/out with the scroll wheel but how do you zoom to a specific box without having to go up and click on the +Magnifing glass, go back to the model and then middle click to get out of the zoom mode?? Overall they seem to have made as many things harder as they did easier.

Why not purchase a spaceball? The company I work for doesn't have a pro-engineer or unigraphics seat without it. It's much quicker and alot easier than using the mouse.

Bernie, this is where Pro/E needs some improvement. In UG, whether I'm in modeling or drafting, the right mouse button has functions assigned to them, and one of them is zoom.

I have to agree with 'dean1966us', buy a spaceball, you'll love it.

Steve C
You can assign a zoom function to a mouse key using a mapkey cant you? It doesnt zoom to an area though.

You could make a mapkey that saves a view the another that refers to that view. As you work you can resave the view specific to the area you are currently working on over an over.

I do miss the ctrl zoom :(

I created a pair of map keys, za and zb for zoom area and zoom back that save me from having to go up to the tool bar. Seems strange this functionality wouldn't be built in in a more streamlined manner.

>Why not purchase a spaceball?

How does that let you zoom to an area?



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