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What's the likely cause of "trajectory in not valid"


New member
I am trying to create a sweep surface while in Assembly Mode (ProE 2001) in order to visualize a cable. I have selected a datum curve for the trajectory and it highlights and places an arrow at the start in the intended orientation. But when I select Done I get the message Specified trajectory is not valid. Please reselect. Any ideas WHY the trajectory is not valid. Hopefully the attached JPEG will help.

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Bernie Hayden



New member
Thanks Brian,

I had sort of come to that conclusion after looking at the help files. I did accomplish what I wanted with a swept blend. Again, after CAREFULLY reading the help files.

Pardon my wine but why is the default labled NrmToOrigin Traj? It would seem more intuitive to just call it Norm To Traj and one would assume the trajectory to be the only one picked (Origin Trajectory) and label the last option something like NrmToGuideTraj. Oh well, it's better than trying to figure out a pallet of goofy icons! Now, where's that cheese :)

Bernie (old stick in the mud sheetmetal designer)

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