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What was your time savings?


New member
First off if this is in the wrong section sorry about that, please move it into the correct one.

Now I have a question for everyone that has used BOTH AutoCAD and SolidWorks. I'm trying to get a close estimate of the percentages that I can add to a proposal. If you could also post your actual numbers if you have them handy.



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whteglve said:
Hasn't anyone switched from AutoCAD to SolidWorks?

I have switched from A-CAD to SW.

But the question you asked might be a bit simplistic whereeach individual'scircumstancespotentially is complex... and that MAY be the reason the thread hasn't beenflooded with response. Just guessing. I don't know... I can't speak for anyone else.

For example - I've been using AutoCAD on and off since (IIRC) early to mid'90s. I believe it was revision 11 or 12 - officially trained in 12 for sure. On the other hand, I've been using SolidWorks for only about a year. I've also used Cadkey and VISIduring that decade plus. Then thereare also different packages to consider - like AutoCAD vs. Mechanical or Mechanical Desktop and the various packages in SolidWorks, etc.

Not to blow any horn, but I believe I pick up on software fairly well. To be blunt - for meto compare over a decade of familiarity and second nature responseto arelatively new (to me)and alternatesoftware would beunrealistic... or at least me comparing applesto oranges. I also haven't necessarily taken time to doa self-analysisin proficiency or comparative savings/loss.

Imight venture a guessthat the3D modeling and surfacing I do probably has been reduced in time about 25%. Butthere again - I have also probablyre-allocated that 25%gain to perform more complex or challenging tasks and on the down side - 2D work has been a time loss of 10-20% and not a gain.

In short - people adapt, job requirements change, expectations shift, etc. The software eithersatisfiestheneed or it doesn't.

I don't see how my feedbackcompletely answersthe generalized question, but at leastthere isa response in thethread now.

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New member
I do not work very long time in Autocad. God save me and give me SW.

But I have colleagues wich work in Autocad. More times they work quickly than me. But, if they wantto change something in theier projectsthey prefeare (in many cases) to startfrom the begining. And wastea lot oftime. With SW thathappened only for ABSOLUTE begeeners. But the time to learn is not a waste.

Good luck !