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What is wrong with KinetiVision videos?


New member
Is it just me, or do those videos from KinetiVision NEVER work? No matter which method I use to view it, the video never plays properly, but the audio just keeps on going.

If anyone from K-vision reads this, watch the videos as they are linked through this site. THEY DON'T WORK!

I would like to watch these every week, but I usually just skip over them because I know they DON'T WORK!

Nose Bleed

New member
I've actually had no problems, unless my connection speed goes south - then yes.. I have problems, but that's only been while I'm using a modem connection at home.


New member
Our connection is borderline here, and the videos usually won't play properly. The audio sounds fine, but the video is choppy and doesn't keep up. Really wish the videos could be buffered so bandwidth would not be an issue.


Another suggestion to try. I've had success reducing the color depth of my display from 32 bit color down to 16 bit, and also going down from higher resolution settings down to 1024 x 768 resolution (or lower). Seems to make a difference for me on my old computer here at home (works fine at work). It helps make the video stream smoother... Oh and BTW I have DSL at home, just not a very big computer... Hope this helps.


New member
quick suggestion:

make sure your media player is up to date and that you have the latest codecs that are available from windows update. you will have a lot of problems view videos if they were created with new technology than what your player can read.


gggggggggg ,

We watch them all. We actually watch them with several machines in different states just to make sure they play.

Our clients do sometimes experience network traffic or bandwidth issues but they generally are only temporary.

To help you view the videos do the following.

Download and install the latest Windows Media Player for your OS from here..

Download and install the V7, V8, and V9 codecs from here

If you use a firewall or are behind a corporate firewall read about setting them up here

You also need a good 56k connection getting a steady 46k to get these via a phone modem. Anything better than that such as ISDN, DSL, CABLE, or satellite should easily run these videos. The videos buffer from 5-10 seconds and should play smoothly. Remember they are 800x600 at 24-32bit depth color. THis is a lot of data being packed into a small 26k min - 56k max bandwidth. Look around, most streaming videos are MUCH smaller and still don't always work. Clarity is the key for understanding Pro/E so it is our #1 concern. Please feel free to contact [email protected] with problems and we can try to help you straighten things out.

For those of you who watch and enjoy the videos we appreciate your comments and support.

Thanks you,

Philip Schoonover



New member
No problems here, either. The last two dealing with GD&T were a little sluggish, but I believe that was our ends fault.

I would like to start seeing more in Wildfire, if I had a say so.

Steve C