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What is this trail.txt?


New member
I heard that trail.txt is of a lot of help, can anybody tell me what it is and how it works and how can i use it to my advantage?


Active member
when you start working on a model and work for a while and suddenly there is power interruption, and you did not save your before the interruption, then you say oooohhhh, what happened.

Trail text helps you in such occasions. Open the trail file and remove the last few lines and save with a different name.

Now start Pro/E and go to utilities menu, then press play trail/training file and point towards your saved renamed file. It will take you to where you said ooooohhhhh.



New member
I've found the method of playing the trail file to be far less robust in Wildfire than 2001. In other words, the re-play usually crashes before completing the entire trail file. I seem to recall this working far better in 2001.


The trail file is simply a log of all the actions you perform in a Pro/E session.

You can use them to recover lost work. However, they work best if the object was not saved, as saving obviously affects the file version on disk. I've had some success recovering parts by editing trail files & working through them step by step.

Read a bit more here:



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