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New member
Sorry about the subject line, couldn't resist...

In Wildifre, I have designed a sheet metal part with a pattern of holes for my PEM standoffs. The hole pattern was created, by chance, on the green side. I now have an assy file with this sheet metal piece and when I do an auto placement of my standoff (align and insert) on the opposite side from the green side (the side I want the standoff on), I get the alignment of the standoff to the face of the green side (more like a mate than an align). I can mate the standoff the way I want, just not by using auto placement. Does the side on which the hole pattern was made make a difference when auto placement is used?

Steve C
When you are laying down turf you should have Green side up but not in sheetmetal. (Message fragments?)

To hazmatt: Because I can. It's there and it's faster than placing them one constrain at a time.

To jperkins: It seems to make a difference, because when I auto placed a component on the green side it worked as designed. When I tried to placed the same component on the non-green side, it moved itself to the green side.

Thanks for the replys

Steve C


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