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What do you pay for a seat of SW?


New member
I'm interested in doing some part time freelancing and other business ventures(w/ the hope that it may evolve into full time). Wondering how much y'all pay for a seat of SW (US$). I'd also be interested in the cost for the annual upgrades. Do the prices vary across the country w/ different re-sellers?


New member
Hello, I used to work for a Reseller of solidworks, I have a pretty good handle on this, though the basic prices are from memory.

Plain Solidworks goes for just under $5,000

Office Professional (incl photoworks/PDMworks plus a few others) is around $6,500 I think.

Office Premium (all the bells and whistles: FEA and Routing etc.) is over $8,000 I believe.

Just ask for a quote from one of your local resellers, or make a query through SW website, and they can just toss you a quote, easy like.

The maintaince is $1250, $1500, andaround $2000 per year for each level of the software respectively. Thiskeeps your software 'up-to-date' and you get Tech-support. If you have a good VAR to work with, then it is usually a good investment.

I hope that helps you get a feel for your potential business plan. I'd work on getting at leastthree good potential customers before you launch out and get the seat of Solidworks. (unless you just have $10,000 laying around with nothing else to do with it.) Since starting up your business right (with an LLC or S-corp) will be at least 50 to 100 hours of planningto do it right. (depending on your state and city laws.)

Hope that helps!!

Tim Ganstrom, cswp


PS. If you live in the puget sound region, we are always looking for talented free-lance minded CAD types we can possibly work with.