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what are igs, dxf...?


New member
I am a beginer user of Pro/e, but I don't know how can I creat igs format file in AutoCAD. I can only save file in dxf format file.


New member
I don't understand the question, you aren't able to create iges file into pro/e?Iges files are useful for surfaces scope, what is the link with autocad you are talking about?if you explain better you question perhaps I can help you!

regards, zalb


New member
I believe what your asking is how to create an iges file using AutoCAD that you can then import into Pro/E......if this is the case, then you should know that the standard version of AutoCAD by itself cannot export or 'save as' files in the iges (.igs) format. Although Autodesk does provide an add-on that will allow you to export files in iges format. A good way to see if your version of AutoCAD has this functionality or not is to simply enter igesout at the command prompt when a drawing is open, if the command does not initialize, then you don't have the added functionality and it will need to be purchased from Autodesk.


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