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WF2 files opening in WF1


New member
we'd better write to PTC asked them to add a function so I can use high version pro/e save as a low version files. so we can open the part in low version Proe


New member
jdz....good joke m8!

PTC are well aware of this but seem to not know what to do to to enable this functionality

At the launch of WF1 the salesmen did their rounds promising everyone that there is backward compatability!!! Wahhhhheyyy!

They never said that you effectively do a save as and end up with a .neu file which is just a dummy model......no more .prt or .asm...just a fumb .neu file

Now WF3 is upon us!!! what are we getting this time round????

We get the old dummy file, but NOW we get a model tree too,,,,hold on a second, I've filled my pants! I cant contain myself...they got something right??? never.....!

wait up...in typical PTC stlyle,,,the model tree is a dummy too!

cant be actioned, expanded / colapsed or nothing! My arent we lucky lot!


New member
There is another thread on this website about saving the bulk of a 2001
model as a UDF and hacking the file so it can be loaded into 2000i2. I
have no idea whether it will work for Wildfire but it might be worth