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WF2 defalt config


New member
Hello all

Im quite new to this pro/e stuff, I have a long history from the
cad/cam field so bear with me. Im trying to find the default config
file that pro/e uses when loading. things like tol_display staying
turned on and some other basic stuff. when I set things up in the
options it only seems to save for the current session. HOw do I set it
for all sessions?



New member
The default config.pro is located under your "installation dir"\text

Any changes in that file apllies to all sessions.

You can also put a config.pro in your pro/e start up directory.
When starting a new sessin pro/e reads the default config first and then the one in your start up dir.


New member
Thanks ankarl, I'll give it a try

its been a struggle getting used to this software. Having to deal mostly with customer designs and trying to understand how and why they do things