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WF2.0 Datecode Recommendations/Cautions


New member
What are the best/worst of WF2.0 datecodes (in combination withILINK 3.4, F000 for fun if you'd like)?Prefer something battle-tested but stable (M020, 040, 050, etc.), but newer info is also welcomed.

Doingextra homework forWF2.0 after multiple disappointing WF1.0 deployments. Any information re: youroverall experience (good or bad) with a particular datecode would be appreciated.



New member
I've been using build code 120 for WF 2.0 since it came out.

I haven't had any crashes but the selection from pre-highlight to selection is cumbersome when trying to select a feature.

Other than that no problems.

I thought someone mentioned that anything before 070 were a waste of time.



New member
I,ve been running Wildfire 2.0 date code M100 with intralink 3.3 M022. I've had a few crashes!, but I'm mainily running in the Process for assembly side and animation.


New member
We have been running M050 since it was available, no problems. M090 since it was available, no problems. Now testing M120.

We have 50 users and Intralink 3.4 (F001)

Running both WF2 and Ilink from an applications server.

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