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If anyone knows how to turn off this new unhand option in the config.pro file please enlighten me.

Ok this is nuts you bother to change your working directory so that everything you make ends up in that directory Right? Not any now you have to be very careful what you did last.

Here is an example.

1. You change to the directory where you want to work.

2. Now you open your assemble and start adding new parts

3. Then you open a part from another directory because your coworker just wants to see something really quick.

4. You have one of your new parts open save it.

5. Then you go back to your assemble and save it.

6. Where dose everything save?

It saves to the directory you where in last if it


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I don't know why such a behavior could ever happen,

there is no logical reason to get saved files outside the working directory.

I've just tried it repeatedly, I'm not having anything like this disorder you are mentioning, I'm using WF too.

?! there must be a missing clue


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still though another thing,

in my version of WF (datecode:2002490) something like that happens only when I open a file from outside the working directory, rename it and save it. It saves only in the other original directory it came from.

anyway i know about these options:



don't know if it gets somewhere even...


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I'm not sure if this will help but have you tried


set to


laser guy

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I had the exact same problem this morning. Cost me at least 15min of screwing around.

The whole darn saving thing in WF 2 is weird.

When saving a top level assembly, pro used to save all of the component files in it too. Now, sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn't. It has bit us here a few times since we work in the assembly to modify the components a lot. Absolutely annoying.


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I have experienced this when creating a new part. If you opened something in another directory, when you hit save on the new part it gets saved in that folder, not the working directory. I have not noticed it happening to assemblies.

I guess you need to pay attention to the save dialog box instead of instinctively hitting OK as we have been for years.

If anyone finds a config option that will fix this please reply.


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I have looked at the config options above and none of them fix the current problem. I have a feeling that it is a new hidden config option. so keep looking guys becuase this one has to go it is creating a lot of extra work when file new parts or assemblies. I have had a lot of trouble with lossing new parts in some random directory that i forgot i was even in the day before.


Has anyone contacted tech support about this? It is really annoying! I don't see anything on Olaf Cortens proesite about any config option to control this behavior. It is probably another case of making Pro/E worse by making it more like windoz. (Like having to use control when picking two objects.)


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Anyone new who is stuck with this problem, set config.pro option file_open_default_folder to"working directory" which always returns back to your working directory to save files.Don't use"default" which will save to the last accessed folder, unless you navigate back to the working directory.

Jason L


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the other work around if you arent "allowed" to change the config is to just be sure to pick the working directory icon in the save folder field - the folder with the little green 'star' on it...


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I've experienced this many, many times myself. Very annoying.

I've also experienced another similar situation. When working on a model, save it to the Working Directory, then open another model from a different location, to show a co-worker or whatever. Close the model and go back to the original model. Now, create a new drawing of the first model. The first time you hit SAVE in the drawing, it will save to the other location, but the options to change location are greyed out. You MUST save the drawing to the incorrect location, then using Windows Explorer, manually move the drawing into the correct folder. You then must close the drawing in Pro, do an Erase Not Displayed, and open the drawing from the now correct location.

I think this is just a bug, there could not possibly be a legitimate reason for this crazy behavior.
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Wow....If you only checked the previous page of this thread, you would have found the answer already posted. I hope you guys don't work for NASA.


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