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WF 2.0 (M090) hangs PC during rotation


New member
Hello all - my first post here - been using Pro/E for 10 years, and my site just upgraded to WF 2, build M090(about 50 users).

Besides the usual mystery crashes, I am having what I believe to be a graphics hardware problem. I canreliably and repeatablyhang my entire PC (no Blue Screen, just a total freeze) by rotating any model for a few seconds or minutes. I have to power cycle the PC to recover... STD.OUT says "raising signal 11h" or somesuch..

When I set the graphics to Win32_GDI it runs perfectly, although dynamic rotations are obviously much slower.

Here is my setup:

AMD Athlon XP 3000+

Epox 8RDA+ motherboard (has been rock-solid for over a year)

2 GB Corsair XMS PC3200 DDR ram, no overclocking

ATI FireGL T2-128 (version 7.4.93 PTC-certified driver, set to Pro/E profile), not over-clocked

Maxtor Atlas 10K-IV 143 GB SCSI HD w/Adaptec 29160 controller

new Antec 430W ATX case/supply

Windows XP Pro w/SP2

This setup worked very nicely on Pro/2001, but WF 2 is being a real PITA. I've reformatted the HD and did a clean install of the OS and video driver. I've swapped video cards, memory, power supply, and reinstalled WF several times to no avail. It also happened with an Nvidia GeForce 4400ti and Win2K/SP4.

I've upgraded the MB BIOS and tried all the AGP settings to no avail.

The only thing left is to swap the main board (I'm now thinking the AGP slot may be out of spec on some noise or voltage). I intend to do this, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what the resolution was. Several other users have had WF exit unexpectedly, but I seem to be the only one having a total system freeze.

The funny thing is that we have another app that uses OpenGL, COSMOS DesignStar, and I can rotate a complex model all day long and it never hangs.

I alsohave an eMachines M6800 AMD laptop with ATI 9600 graphics (same chip as the FireGL) and WF works fine on it.

Any comments or suggestions appreciated.

Ed Acciardi

Maxtor Corp


New member
I have WF m90 on p4, 3.2 Ghz, 2 Gb of RAM, and 3D Labs Wildcat realism 100, and I dint have any problems (I work with big Assembly's). We also have other graphic cards, like Nvidia FX5600, ATI Radeon 9700, and 9800 pro. But we have experienced that on ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, WF get very slow and spinning and rotation is almost impossible, also whet you are in sketch. So we have tweak 9800Pro to FireGL 1000 and then its working fine. The problem with ATI is that all their graphic card are directX based, and not openGL, (except FireGL).

So you might tried to look in graphic card properties is it set to best performance openGL (or something similar, but it must be set to openGL), and in config.pro options "graphic" is set to opengl.


New member
Have you checked the power source?, We had some troubles in the beggining and HP Spain told us to change it, and no problem since that ...


New member
If that occurs onlywhen you
rotating - that tells me that problem lays in driversfor graphic card
-OpenGl is something which do that - try changing drivers


New member
Thanks for all the replies. I think I fixed the probelm by going into the FireGL Advanced Settings/Configuration applet and selecting "Sync Buffer Swaps". I have no idea what this actually does, butit seems to have worked.



New member
Actually, I had a similar problem on my Dell Latitude D600 laptop while
running ProE. The screen would randomly freeze while rotating a part.
It turns out the fix for the problem is to update the ATI graphics
driver on my computer with the one on Dell's website using your service
tag. Very annoying problem, but a very simple fix.