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Weldments Cutting tubes with 'complex' geometry


New member
I am new to the forum and this is my first post.
It has to do with Solidworks weldments (I have posted in sheetmetal cause i dont see a category for weldments).

Using solidworks 2015. I am new to weldments.
i know i can trim/extend and change trim groups and trim order to get the desired effect i want.

i also know that i can use the extruded boss or extruded cut to add or 'subtract' 'pieces' from my tubing.

so far all well.

but when it comes to a bit more complex shapes, i just cannot find a way to make it work.

for example: I have sketched a star shape drawing and added structural members to it (round tubing). I then draw a sphere in the center of this 'star of tubing'(using revolve boss). now i want to trim the tubes so that they sit flash on the sphere !!!! I have tried using combine - delete/keep bodies features but i do not get the effect i want.

Is there a way or a workaround for doing something like the above ! It doesnt have to be a sphere, just any shape drawn with any of the features not found on the weldments tab !!!

Thanks in advance

Giorkos !



New member
hi all.
me again...
just to let you know that i eventually figured it out...
used surfaces to create the sphere and trim/extend from weldments to the sphere surface. !