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New member
I'm getting this message everytime I save my drawing: warning layer display status was not saved,

how could go about fixing this so I could save my files...



New member
simple solution, save your layer status before saving the drawing.....

open the layer tree and go to the 'Edit' menu and click 'Save Status'. this would save the status of the layers (like, if you have blanked some). then save the drawing which would not bother you with the warning.

have fun...


New member
Unless you don't want the changes you made to layer status saved, then just ignore it. It's a warning, not an error.

ivan sosa

New member
It is suposed to be "good practice" to blank all layers in a drawing and save the status of the layer. It kind of gives it a cleaner look. It is the equivalent of taking the ladder off a wall you just painted and clean up the mess. Only then you can say you are finished.