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VPN and Intralink


New member
We have just hired an outside engineering firm to do some work for us. They are trying to access our Intralink licenses and Commonspace via VPN.

Intralink is loaded on their workstation and they have pointed to my license server and Datserver in their setup. When they try to login in to Intralink they receive the message "failed to take or regain license" Any idea why this is happening?


<LI>same version of intralink client?</LI>
<LI>have they applied the Intralink time-out patch?</LI>
<LI>can they ping your license server while on the vpn?</LI>[/list]


Unless you installed their client yourself, I'd ask them to email you a screen-shot of their directlry where the patch was supposed to be applied... Just to make sure they put the new file in the right place...