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volume cut is ignoring solid walls


New member
Im trying to create a toolpath which cuts a small cavity in a die-set. Both the top and bottom of the die-set has the same cavity. have created the top die-set toolpaths OK. When trying to re-create the same cuts on the bottom die-set the cutter is completly ignoring some of the cavity's solid walls. I am creating a volume mill cut, using a mill window, type spiral cut. All settings are exactly the same as the previous die.

The tool is not ignoring all of the walls, just one, but i cannot see any fault with the wall.

Has anyone ever had this problem with pro/NC? Is there a way to fix it ? I am using Proe 2001.




New member
Hi Moroso,

the trim command is not required when using the mill window option (only if creating the volume to be milled), it should automatically see the cavity walls. It is the first time i have ever seen this happen when using the mill window.

Both die-sets have been set-up in exactly the same way. I have recently updated to the latest build of 2001, maybe there is a glitch with this version ?


New member
I wouldn't do it with a mill window. I've had similar problems before when using windows. Try creating a mill volume around the entire die, then trim the volume so that only the part you want to cut remains.


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I've had the same results using mill window, so now I use regular volume and trim.Hasn't failed me yet


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Have you tried tightening up the accuracy? Maybe to something like .0002. Sometimes the cutter can strangely fall into a small gap between surfaces.
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In early versions 2001 there where known bugs using mill window when the cavities had holes in the side walls. The tool completely ignored the side walls when it reached the depth of the holes. Better to use the mill volume as you can cap the holes.


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