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viewing model in 2000i2 that was made in 2001


New member
Does anyone know if it is possible or know a round about way of viewing a model or an assembly in 2000i2 that was made in 2001??


New member
Pro/Engineer 2001 does not provide reverse compatibility for older versions of Pro/E. Although the new release of Pro/E named Wildfire does. Pro/Engineer 2001 models can be saved as STEP files though, and 2000i2 will open those...hope this helps.


New member
There is one very interesting procedure which we can make use of to open the pro/E models in lower version

In the higer version

* group all the feature except default datum planes

* create a UDF using the group(see that basic prompts is only for the default datum planes)

In the lower version

*create a new file (required.file)

* create a dummy UDF

*copy the header of this UDF file into the higer UDF file

*place the edited UDF in the current lower version part(it will be placed as a group)

*un group it

Now we have the higer version file in the lower version.It works well for the .prt files i have not tried for .asm and .drw files.We are just fooling the software by copying the header!!